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Remy Hair Extensions Sheffield.

These extensions are probably the most popular hair extensions we offer!
Over many years of supplying and fitting hair extensions, we have tried most of the different suppliers of hair extensions that are on the market. We are pleased to say we have sourced a fantastic range of AAAAA+ Indian Remy hair which is 100% human hair.

The range we use offer an extensive range of colours and lengths to compete with any other hair extension brand. We are confident you will be over the moon with our range of Remy hair extensions.

The Remy hair extensions are keratin bonded so gentle on your natural hair and if looked after properly can last approximately 3/4 months.

As with all extensions they can be applied for adding volume, length or colours.
We offer the best quality Remy hair extensions at a very competitive price, but you have the knowledge that we know what we are doing with over 15 years hair extension experience…you are in safe and trusted hands. 


Micro Loop Hair Extensions by Unique of Sheffield

Micro Loop Hair Extensions are an absolute winner and are one of our favorites here at Unique of Sheffield.

They are great for short to medium term wear. Micro loop hair extensions are the smallest and most undetectable hair extensions techniques available, which combines fine strands of your natural hair with the extension hair.

There is No Glue, No Heat just fantastic looking hair. As usual the hair used in our micro loop extension is finest Remy human hair and can be heat styled, curled and even dyed.

This system allows you to add highlights/lowlights as often as you like. One month you can have low lights the next month highlights or a funky colour.
One of our customers with Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro loop hair extension are designed to offer length and volume to your existing hair. 

What are micro loop hair extensions?
Micro loop hair extensions use a small aluminum ring lined with silicone with the extension hair attached.

How are the micro loop extensions attached?
The micro loop extensions are fixed to small sections of natural hair and tightened using a special tool that clamps the loop around the natural hair.

Can you notice the micro loop extensions?
The micro loop extensions are designed to be small enough so that they are not visible in normal use.

How long will they last?
As your hair grows naturally the micro rings move away from the scalp so the extensions will need to be repositioned every 6-8 weeks

Do micro loop extensions damage your hair?
As they do not use heat or adhesives micro loop extensions should cause less damage than some other types of hair extensions.

What colours can I have ?
There is an extensive range of colours available, and it is important that you have a free consultation to ensure the correct colour is used to provide that new look.

How long will the process take?
It normally takes 2 hours to fit and style your new hair
What about aftercare?

You will be given advice on how to look after your hair, shampoo and styling is very important and you will be given all the help you need.

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