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Unique of Sheffield - Best Afro Hair Salon

For The Best Afro Caribbean Hairstyles and treatments on Ecclesall Road it has to be here at Unique of Sheffield.
With experience of working in a multicultural society including the Middle East, we are able to offer a quality and service that is unrivalled in the Sheffield area.
We have specialist knowledge of dealing with Afro Caribbean hairstyles and mixed textured hair. We offer a complete range of services including relaxers, hair straightening and Remy hair extensions
We are the Sheffield hairdressers that offer a complete and comprehensive range of services for Afro and Mixed race hair.
Our Senior Stylist Iain has a passion for helping people with hair problem. Flyaway, frizzy tight and curly, if you want your hair transforming then you have come to the best Afro Hair Salon in Sheffield to help you.
With over 14 years of experience with some of the U.K.s leading salons, Toni&Guy, Saks and other major salon. Iain will give you top salon trained styling with the famous Unique of Sheffield value.
That`s why we are well known as the best value Afro hair salon in Sheffield.
Unique of Sheffield have been appointed as an approved salon for the L`Oreal Professional Mizani range of hair relaxers, designed especially for Afro Caribbean hair types.

What is a relaxer?A relaxer is a special type pf conditioner that is generally used by people with curly-textured hair which makes the hair less tangled and curly. therefore it is easier to straighten

How does a relaxer work?The relaxer is applied to the base of the hair shaft and is left for a while, and during that time it alters the hairs texture by altering the hairs protein structure.

Does the process cause damage to the hair?As with all kinds of treatments to the hair, if it is applied by our qualified stylists we ensure that all care is taken to reduce any damage to you hair. This coupled with excellent aftercare advice will ensure you get the maximum care for your hair.

Why do I need a consultation before I get the relaxer?Before any process like this to your hair we need to asses that this is the correct course of treatment for your hair. so you can get the style you are looking for. It is also imperative that we discuss with you the process involved and also the aftercare requirements prior to you treatment.

Is this a painful treatment?No, the process is very similar to other hair treatments like colouring for example.


How long will the relaxer last?

This really depends on how quick your hair naturally grows..…as the process effects the roots of your hair as the hair grows you will need to apply the process to the new hair growth. We normally say you need to have the relaxer ‘topped up’ every 6 – 8 weeks.

Why do we use L’Oreal Mizani?
We are an approved salon for the L’Oreal range of products, and the Mizani range we use is a salon exclusive brand that cannot be purchased at any retailers. L’Oreal is a brand leader in hair products and has excellent training and aftercare service. The Mizani range is a patented product and is only available through a L’Oreal approved salon.

This salon only range allows us to offer a range of products that can smooth and relax frizzy and tight curls, giving a smooth stylish finish to your hair so demanded by leading celebrities.

Our head stylists Emma and Iain have both undergone extensive training with L`Oreal as well as a combined experience of over 30 years, to meet the exacting standards set by L`Oreal.

Relaxers, Hair Smoothing, Colouring and Styling, Hair Weaves and Corn Rows.

Unique of Sheffield- Best Afro Hair Salon In Sheffield area to get Afro Caribbean Hairstyles.


 X-Tenso Hair Straightening..

Unique of Sheffield are an approved X-Tenso Hair Straightening treatment salon.
The revolutionary X-Tenso treatment takes your hair from frizzy and flyaway to smooth perfection.

Our stylists have years of experience and training with some of the country’s top salons, and together with the famous Unique of Sheffield value for money label you get top salon styling at value for money prices.

As with any hair treatment we always give our professional advice on what is best for your hair.

To ensure the best possible care for your hair please 
arrange a free consultation.

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