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Hair Colour Correction Sheffield

What happens when it all goes wrong? - You need to find the best in Colour Correction.
You have just been to the local chemist, purchased this lovely looking colour for your hair and you know exactly what Hair Colour you are expecting , 
you carefully follow the instructions and can’t wait to see the finished colour.
The when it goes wrong, and you are not happy with your hair! you need to find the colour correction specialist.
And guess what…your hair looks nothing like the picture!!!
Your hair is the greatest fashion item you own when it goes wrong…..everything goes wrong..
Don’t panic…we have some of the industry’s best qualified and experienced Colour Correction Hair stylists, trained at some of the country’s leading salons.
So when it goes wrong we have the experience, fantastic hair colours and we will have no problem undertaking advanced hair colour correction work.
Our stylists have spent many years dealing with problem, not taken, not suitable hair colours that we are able to sort most of you hair disasters out!
We love a challenge and the opportunity to help clients when it all goes wrong!
So if you have DIY or had a colour applied somewhere and it’s not gone quite to plan…give us a call
At Unique of Sheffield we have the experience to cope with most hair types and colour correction hair problems, so come to one of Sheffield’s best hairdressers.
In fact with our prices …why take the chance get the look you want with the peace of mind that you will look great!